#1 No spamming, trolling, insults, advertising or NSFW content.

#2 Do not attack or insult people based on their ethnicity, nationality, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion or disabilities. Violators will be banned from the server and, in extreme cases, might be reported to Discord.

#3 Listen to instructions given by our team.

#4 Usernames are to be kept in an easily mentionable way. For instance, ߶௵᧫៷ is not easily mentionable and should therefore be changed.
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#5 Do not ask for help with projects that break rules and/or Discord’s TOS. This also includes projects that break laws. Do not request help with ongoing exams. Do not provide or request direct solutions to graded assignments, general guidance is fine.

#6 Keep everything in English to the best of your ability, specific threads might be exempt from this.

#7 If you need help, use one of the available help channels.

#8 Before asking questions, check out #❗︱how-to-get-help and only DM people for help that have the @DMs Welcome! role.

#9 Don't ping specific users for help.

#10 Do not expect us to do your homework.

#11 Political or religious debates shouldn't take place on this server.

#12 Follow Discord’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.